Monday, January 21, 2008

What's this buzz all about?

Last week, the internationally well-known lenses company Zeiss announced on the Macworld convention their introduction into the video eyewear market. This has generated a huge amount of articles on websites and technology blogs.

Taking a closer look into the technical specifications of this 'new' video eyewear and comparing it to other products that were already in the market, you come out that actually Zeiss' Cinemizer is offering almost the same product in terms of resolution (VGA).

The thing goes even more interesting if you also consider that their design doesn't look so nice. Actually they are pretty bulky and going a little bit further they weight more that 110grs!! I assure you that it won't be so comfortable to your nose...

For almost the same price, and weighting just 80 grams, the relaxView 4.0 provides you with the ultimate video eyewear experience. They have everything: the best resolution, the best design and the best value-price relation.

For more information visit relaxView's website.

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